Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bottling Time

I bottled the American Wheat Ale on Thursday last week! the FG came out to 1.11 which was the expected value! The ABV is 4.3%.

I was a little preoccupied while bottling so I didn't take very many pictures.

Transferring the beer from the fermentor to the bottling bucket.

I will try and do better and take some pictures of the next batch!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Equipment, New Brew!

For my birthday Rachel got me the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit from Northern Brewer!!

It is awesome! Comes with 2 glass carboys a primary and secondary fermenter and a bunch of toys!


So now that I can brew full 5 gallon extract batches I decided to give the American Wheat Ale another go.  This one should be better than the last time. First off I don't have to split the kit in half and hope it turns out. Second, from the first batch I found out there is 2 types of pry-off bottles. There are the one's the New Glarus Brewing Co. uses and then there are the ones that Lakefront Brewing uses. New Glarus's have a longer top part so the caps go on much easier and stay on. This batch is only old New Glarus bottles I recycled my old Lakefront ones.

On to the brew!

2.5 Gallons of water with the wheat malt extract to make the work.
The O.G. is 1.043 which is awesome because the kit says it should be 1.043 which should give me about a 4.3% ABV Beer. I will will let you know when its all done fermenting and I have the Final Gravity. 

The wort is all ready to go in the carboy, the yeast is added now just got to wait 14 days till it can be bottled!