Friday, October 30, 2015

Brewing with Co-Workers

Over the weekend I was at a co-worker's house were 5-10 people gather around every other month about and brew some beer. I went to the last brewing session, but wasn't able to take home any wort to ferment. This time I was able to take some home! It is a Scottish Brown Ale for Christmas. Should be pretty tasty and knock your socks off a little too. The OG was 1.068.

They do all grain brewing which is awesome! Being in an apartment makes doing that a little dificult so I'll stick to the exact brewing for now.

Here is the Mash Tun they use. It is able to handle about 40 gallons

Brewing Time, We had 3 kettles going, last time they had 4 going but there was less people brewing this time.

We hopped the wort at about 30 minutes to go. and then again right before it went into the fermentors for some aroma.

Filling the fermentors. As you can see we were hopping to get 35 gallons out of the batch but ended up being a little short.

They are ready to go! 

Its now ferementing in my storage locker at my apartment building instead of the closet where I've fermented the last couple of batches, It was really going and started to have that nice brewery smell that my girlfriend wasn't the most fond of.  I think I'm going to let it go for about 3 weeks and see how it goes, and then bottle condition it till Christmas. I will let you know how it turns out!

Update on the Cider.

I have been pretty busy, so I haven't had time to bottle it yet, but i'm going to this weekend. I hope the vanilla didn't become to powerful in the cider. I am excited to see how it tastes.

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