Friday, June 9, 2017

Strawberry Blonde Ale

Last Weekend I brewed a 10 Gallon batch of a Blonde Ale Recipe.

10 lbs of 2-Row
6 lbs of Light DME
1 lbs of Crystal 10L
1 lbs of Wheat Malt
1 oz of Centennial at 60min
1 oz of Saaz at 30min
1 oz of Saaz at 0min

I split the batch into two 5 gallon buckets.
One with 1056 (American) and the other one with 3068 (Hefeweizen)

I plan on getting Strawberries from Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg and putting 7.5lbs in bucket.

I used the DME so I could brew a 10 gallon batch. My mash tun can't hold that much grain.

Brew Dog Luna Enjoying the whole day outside.

Three Tier Gravity Setup

Yum Wort

Ready to start the boil

All ready for fermentation.

1 comment:

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